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Windows 7 -> Windows 10

January 14th, 2020. This is the last day Microsoft is supporting Windows 7 with free updates and patches. You can still pay them a monthly fee, but the cost hasn’t been published except for the fact it’ll increase each year.

Upgrade to Windows 10 now. It’s faster, easier to use, and it’s our favorite version of Windows without question. 

The best part is that Windows 10 will never expire! Microsoft has stated that this will be updated for free into the future. It’s the last version of Windows you’ll ever need.

We can take care of everything in as little as an hour and our prices are very reasonable.

Give us a call or send us a message to learn more.   

Modernize Your Machines

Computer slowing down? Finding some programs don’t work as well? Older computers can find a new life by upgrading any number of parts. Memory (RAM), Hard drives, Video Cards, and much more. They can all help revitalize your desktop or laptop.

Keeping your computer modern doesn’t have to mean buying new one. Instead, consider swapping out a part or two for better, faster versions. 

Upgrading a computer saves you the time spent configuring all those preferences you spent years getting just right. Upgrading also eliminates file transfers, reinstalling old software, and saves you money from buying a brand new machine.

If you feel like your machine is at the end of it’s life, contact us about benefits of an upgrade.

Why Upgrade vs. Buying New?

Not everything on an slow computer needs to be replaced. Our technicians can pinpoint the bottleneck of your system and explore replacement options with you.

Transfering files, identifying and re-installing programs, tweaking all those tiny setting just the way ou want them… All these steps getting a new computer up to speed can be laborious work. Upgrading can skip all that.


There are thousands of parts available to customize your computer. Contact us and we can help you choose what makes sense for you. After all, different brands can offer higher qualitys. Most times, after-market parts are better than those used for new, mass-produced computers.


Everyone has different needs and wants out of their machines. Being able to pick and choose what improvement you need most is much simpler when you’re making the changes. Better video quality? Faster processing speed? We can help with whatever you need.


If you’ve ever received a new computer, you know it takes weeks to get the settings just the way you want them. An upgrade allows you to maintain a familiar work space and stay more productive.


Disposing of a laptop or a desktop takes a bit of forethought. E-waste is a quickly growing source of pollution in America. Only 12.5% is being recycled, and some components are very harmful if not properly disposed of.. Upgrading reduces the amount of materials being sent to the landfill.


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