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About Us

The most important thing to know about us? Crossroads IT was built with a simple thought in mind: Bring quality IT services to the homes and small businesses of Rochester, NY, and excel at it. That goal was shaped from our personal and professional experiences.

Simply put, we saw what other companies were doing, and we knew we could do better. 

No matter what capacity you need IT, you need to be sure your entrusting the correct partners. That trust is not something Crossroads IT takes lightly. As a company and as individuals we understand the gravity of a job well done. We want you to be confident that we view our success through the lens of your success. 

As a company, we are greater than the sum of our individual experiences. See what the people of Crossroads IT have accomplished, and contact us to find out how we can take you to the next level.


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Our Company Values


Before Crossroads IT was a gleam in our eye, we worked with corporations making sure end-users, technicians, developers, and everyone in the departments between ran smoothly. Building decades of support experience and serving many different levels of experience forced us to see problems from both inside and outside the box.

More importantly, it taught us how support comes in many different flavors. The method you guide an end-user is not the same way you assist a technician. Understanding how to communicate to different audiences, and being the bridge between them, is an important challange that IT doesn’t always manage well. What good is having the answers if someone doesn’t understand them? What’s the point in talking to the right people if they can’t comprehend your question?

We believe supporting someone has as much to do with fixing a problem as it does with effectively conveying the solution. We take the time to ensure you’re comfortable with what we’ve done and how we’ve done it. The best consumers of ideas and services are those who understand what they’re getting. We never want you to wonder about the value we offer, and we’ll always be happy to take the time to explain.

After all, it’s your company and you deserve to know what’s happening.

Crossroads IT can talk to IT administration because we’ve been admins. We’ve made the tough decisions and investments to make sure the companies we’ve been a part of have infrastructure that will last. We’ve written and implemented the policies that drive the technologies of our workplace. There are few things simple about making IT work for small businesses.

Our experience with larger companies allowed us to understand scale, and how to identify the roots of what works. Finding solutions that work at any size is crucial. Smaller businesses are especially affected by the consequences of past decisions, both good and bad. The easy way to solve a problem is not always the best way. We have witnessed first hand where companies have been forced to invest significant resources making a course correction that could have been avoidable.

We also know that small businesses need to be flexible, and what has worked in the past is not always the best move for every company. There are nuances to every problem and the details often dictate the taken path. Our experience has taught us to listen to each individual scenario and make sure the best possible solution is considered.

We offer invested solutions to your specific problems, not cookie cutter answers.

Our work histories include software development, desktop & server support, full-cycle project management, support desk building, and delving into all the tiny cracks of IT administration that drive people crazy. We’ve created websites, databases, and custom CRM solutions. We’ve built, supported, and maintained networks of various sizes and complexities. It’s been our job to be the crucial line of communication that translates customer needs to development, and development’s concerns to the customer. We’re the family IT gurus at every holiday gathering since families had IT problems.

The work we’ve accomplished allows us to understand the language technology is trying to speak, and the launguage people are trying to speak back. When your computer breaks, or a piece of software keeps crashing, finding the real reason is true skill. Having an answer is pointless unless you’re asking the right questions. The troubleshooting and information gathering experience that we’ve amassed gives us the edge in knowing what to look for, finding the right the solution, and accurately administering a fix.

There hasn’t been much we haven’t seen, and less we haven’t answered. 


Crossroads IT is based in the Times Square Building, making the intentional effort to stay around the Rochester and surrounding areas. Keeping our clients happy is more important than expanding beyond our control. Other IT companies tend to spread themselves thin, and their smaller clients suffer. By working with small business, start-ups, and residential users, we’re commited to keeping them impressed with our work. Your satisfaction is far more valuable to us than simply collecting a check.

We also live around downtown. When Rochester weather hits, or you have an after-hours emergency, we’re normally available to be there for you. That tangible presence gives us the opportunity to meet with you face to face and discuss your specific concerns; to find out how you want your office to work. It also allows you the option of keeping your machines onsite while we service them. You can avoid the hassle of shipping your laptop out for service, or waiting for something that’s already working to be returned to you.

Most importantly, we want to get to know you as a partner and understand your needs. The way we offer our services is dependant on knowing how we can help. Having a personal connection to your office and your people is irreplaceable. If you have a problem or a concern, we’ll be there to communicate however you need.

Technology doesn’t have to be impersonal.