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Crossroads IT offers custom-built and refurbished computers for whatever your needs are. 

Our suppliers offer a rotating stock of brand name laptops and desktops at great prices. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll back anything purchased from us.

Contact us with your needs and we’ll let you know the daily deals we have available. We are not pressure sales people, in fact we’re not even sales people. We’re just computer nerds who know can find a good deal in your price range.

Need a few computers for your office? We can fulfill bulk orders in most cases. Whatever your needs, let us know and we’ll work for you to get what you need quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Priced Right

Whatever you’re price range, we have serviceable computers. Call us with a budget and what you want to do and we’ll give you some options to consider. 

We’ll never sell a machine that we don’t believe in, and we’ll always give you better value than a big-box store. That’s our promise to you.

Any computer we sell comes with a parts warranty (length depending on the age of the machine). We also provide data transfer services when possible. You don’t get that with big-box stores.

If you need a desktop and you need it today, we have something for you. If you’re looking to outfit an entire office, we can help. Low to high and everything in between, you won’t regret contacting us.

We sell you what you want, not what we want to sell you. 

Peripherals & Parts

Don’t need an entire computer? If you’re simply looking for monitors, keyboards, printers, cables, etc., we can help. 

Even if you’re not sure exactly what part goes to what port, contact us with your situation and your needs. We’ll spend some time trying to find what will work for you and then find the best price with our suppliers to fulfill your order. 

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Refurbished or Custom

New computers are great, but there are times when a rebuilt machine would do the job for a fraction of the price. There are also times the computers on the market just don’t fulfill your task.

We’ll work with you to build the ideal computer for your needs. Gaming, graphic publishing, video editing, programming – we have the answer and the prices to make sure you don’t have to suffer through a big box store selling you something you don’t need.

Refurbished and custom builds are certified by our expert technicians. We keep our support local and provide our own warranty on any machine we build. Service is never days away. Repairs can often be completed and back into your hands within a couple days, even on weekends. We’re always just a phone call or an email away.

No Bloatware

Tired of bloatware? Nagging free trials? Useless utilities that have mysterious purposes? We are too. We skip all those annoyances when we build a machine. If you have proprietary software you need installed, we’ll can take care of that. 

There’s always a learning curve with a new device, but we can help smooth it out by transferring your old files to your new computer. We’ll also configure it to be as seamless an experience as possible.