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Remote Support

Tech support has evolved over the years. 

From reference manuals to phone centers, online references to having someone actually take control of your computer and do the work for you. 

Remote support is a convenient way to get help, and to help the tech understand the problem. It all leads to better problem solving in a fraction of the time. 

While this service is included in all our Managed Services packages, we’re always happy to help anyone who calls. It just takes a simple download and we can see what you see. 


Call 585.729.4321 or Contact Us for more information.

Troubleshooting is the IT tech’s artform. It’s never enough to know what’s happening, you need to be able to find out why.  

The technicians at Crossroads IT are some of the best troubleshooters in Rochester. The answers are there for anyone who’s asking the right questions and that’s what we’re always trying to do. 

We understand how hardware and software both want to work. We know when software is making the wrong decisions when hardware looks like it’s failing. The experience we have allows us to ask the right questions. It’s those questions that get the answers to your problem.